Disney Says It’s Ended The Disney+ Free Trial Because Of Its ‘Compelling Entertainment Offering’

If you were hoping to try Disney DIS DIS + and see all the hype before you drowned some money, then Disney has some bad news for you.

The entertainment giant said on Friday that it had ended all free Disney + free trial promotions. A spokesperson told CNET, that the Disney + subscription, which is valued at $ 7 a month, was "set on an attractive value proposition" and that the service "provides a compelling entertainment package on its own."

The move is somewhat surprising in an industry that experiences free trials. Netflix NFLX, for example, allows people to experience the service for 30 days before shipping. Apple AAPL offered a one-year free subscription to Apple TV + for those who buy their devices.

But for $ 7 a month, Disney + is one of the cheapest streaming services on the market. And with its range of Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel, and other content, it can be said to offer the best value for any service.

Disney is not likely to get much damage on the go.

Since its launch in November, Disney + has achieved unrivaled success, with over 10 million subscribers on its first day. At the last count in May, the service had 55 million subscribers, and it was on its way to bypass it with a free trial or not.

Disney's decision may also be a reflection of the reality of the entertainment industry right now. With the coronavirus pandemic closing cinemas closed, Disney + used as a distribution engine for new movies. Within two weeks, the first comic version of Broadway Hamilton's show will be shown on the service.

The company may think (reasonably) that it prefers to collect revenue while it can rather than give away gifts at a time when its business is hurting.

However, this does not mean that subscribers are restricted to Disney +. Even without the free trial, subscribers can subscribe, see what they want, and cancel at any time.

However, the big question going forward is focused on whether Apple, Netflix, and countless other companies have decided to follow the leading Disney experiences and free trials.