GOP Poll Of Wisconsin Puts Trump Down 16 Points Ahead Of Green Bay Visit

TOPLINE President Trump is visiting urban center, Wisconsin on Thursday to tout a federal shipbuilding contract awarded to the town in April as a slew of latest polls show him trailing former vp Joe Biden by wide margins within the state.



  • Trump is about to tour the Fincantieri Marinette Marine shipyard, which was awarded an $800 million contract to create the primary during a new class of missile frigates for the U.S. Navy, in a buying deal that may be worth $5.5 billion in total.
  • If it’s awarded the choices for the subsequent 19 ships, it should keep the shipyard busy for the subsequent twenty years and result in the hiring of 1,000 new workers, but Trump’s celebration of it comes amid a backdrop of quite 14% unemployment within the state.
  • Trump won Wisconsin in 2016, but three new polls released on Thursday have him trailing Biden within the state by wide margins, including a survey of 600 likely voters from Republican firm Hodas & Associates that has Biden leading by 16 points, 55% to 39%.
  • A poll from the ny Times and Siena College also has Biden ahead by 11 points in Wisconsin, while a Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll puts Biden up by 9 points.
  • The Hodas & Associates poll gave Trump a 41% approval rating, compared to 57% disapproval, and put approval of his coronavirus response 20 points underwater.


“Today, Donald Trump is in Marinette to require credit for Obama-Biden Administration-fueled successes in a shot to paper over the actual fact that Wisconsin has been bleeding blue-collar manufacturing jobs over the past few weeks,” the Biden campaign said during a statement. “Instead of offering real relief to working families, he’s trying to say credit for progress in Marinette he didn't build.”


Trump’s trip follows a visit by vice chairman Mike Pence and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday as a part of Pence’s ‘Faith in America’ campaign. Pence and DeVos hammered on traditional Republican planks like school choice, religious faith and law and order.


In addition to Wisconsin, Trump and Pence are making frequent visits to Arizona, a state that Trump won by 4 points in 2016 but which has been trending towards Democrats in recent years. The Trump campaign had been hoping to create a play for states that Hillary Clinton won, like Minnesota and American state, but has instead been forced to travel on defense, in some cases in previously safe Republican states.

WHAT to observe FOR

Trump will be participating during a government building interview with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity at 9pm EST.